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Check back often – we’ll be updating this page with plenty of guides as time goes on. There’s a lot to do in Warframe, thus, there’s a lot to learn! If there’s a specific guide you think we should be adding here, get in contact with us and let us know.

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**The End game guide is still being worked on!**

General Guides


Toroids. What are they, and where the hell do you get them from? This article will help with both of these questions.

Sentinel Showcase

There are a whole bunch of Sentinels to choose from in Warframe… So here’s an article outlining the differences between them all, AND the Sentinel-specific precept mods!

Linking Warframe and Twitch Accounts

Want to link your Warframe account to your Twitch account? Well, this guide can help you achieve exactly that!

Dual Status Mods

This guide provides info on Dual Status mods – all of those weapon-based mods that provide +60% Elemental Damage and +60% Status Chance… What they are, and where to farm them.

Farming the Silver Grove

The Silver Grove is an interesting, if a little frustrating and time consuming, Quest, which results in the player acquiring Titania. Now that the Silver Grove has been added to Nightwave Challenges, we thought people might need some tips!

Conservation and Floof Collecting Guide

Interested in collecting Floofs and don’t know how?
Visited your friends Orbiter recently and jealous of the relatively cuteness-to-ugliness ratio compared to your Orbiter?

Or perhaps you just don’t know what Floofs are?

This is probably the right place to come to find out.

Fortuna Vendors

Check out our basic guide to Fortuna Vendors if you want to know what’s up. We’ll have a more dedicated guide to each vendor specifically at some point, but for now – see what’s what!

More to come…