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The Cephalons who started this little community – Cephalon Greg and Cephalon Lucas – are really just two ordinary blokes from Australia. How they came to play Warframe is a story in itself (told in Episode 10 of the podcast!), but in the end, they came to play together day in, day out, putting many long hours into the game. During that time, they fell in love – with the game, not each other – Greg’s married, for one!

While Greg merely loved the game inside and out, Lucas sought to understand the game inside and out, and over time, it became apparent that perhaps they should put these powers to good use – for the Tenno.

Thus, the podcast “Cephalon Squared” was born in July 2018, a date that may or may not go down in history. The goal was to cover the weekly Warframe news (because with all the different places that news could be gathered, there was a lot that could be missed), and provide tips for both new and experienced players.

That format proved popular, and although the first episode had terrible (just simply TERRIBLE) audio, it was well received, and the Cephalons found themselves growing a community faster than had been expected. They quickly set up a Twitter account, followed by a Facebook page, and watched as people actually began to follow. However, there wasn’t much actual engagement on these platforms (although they did receive the odd email, which was ego boosting).

A little bit of research later, and the Discord was born, followed soon after by the Facebook Group. It was at this point that the community began to come of its own, and out of the woodwork crawled Cephalon Lars, who offered to help with this burgeoning group of Warframe-loving people.

Jokes aside – we saw the demand in the community, and we filled what we thought was a gap. We still see demand in the community, so we have a few more ideas up our sleeves that will also hopefully be what the community is after. This website sprang from two needs – we needed a place for the Cephalons to call “home” (and to post show notes for our listeners to access), but we also wanted to create something that we feel is lacking – a Warframe-dedicated news and tips site. It will take a while for us to build to something really great, but please stay with us for the ride, because we’re bound to have a blast along the way.

The Cephalons

Hopefully you’ve heard our voices by now, but who are we?

Cephalon Greg


Greg is primarily a PS4 player, but has accounts on the PC, Xbox, and the Switch as well. He started playing Warframe seriously in mid-2017, and worked his way through the content as quickly as possible. 

Situated in Melbourne, Australia, Greg is married with two kids, speaks some Japanese, and enjoys Heavy Metal, videogames, reading, and long walks along the beach… maybe.

Cephalon Lucas


Lucas is also a PS4 player, and is Warlord of our PS4 clan, DebaucheryTea Party (extra points if you know where he got the clan name). He’s been playing for longer than Greg, and has a deeper interest in stats and processes, thus is possibly the brains of the organisation (but don’t let it get to his head).

Sitauted in Queensland, Australia, Lucas enjoys anime, videogames, and hugging cute rabbits.

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