Update 26 “The New Blood” coming soon to PC

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Devstream 132 came and went over the weekend, and with it came news of the next major update to Warframe (for more detail, check out Episode 66 of the podcast)! 

Titled “The Old Blood”, not only will this be bringing a new frame to the mix, but will add new mechanics to the game that weren’t expected until the release of Empyrean! Yes, Kuva Liches will be entering the game, allowing players to create their own personalised Nemesis, who will build influence throughout the system, until you finally figure out how to finally take them down.

And better still? They’ll have their own personalised weapons, which you can take from them when you finally defeat them – yep, random weapon rolls are coming to Warframe!

Get excited, Tenno!

kuva lich

What's coming with this update?

  • New warframe: Grendel is joining the lineup. He’s a big tanky boy that likes to eat his prey. He looks like a lot of fun.
  • Kuva Liches: your own personal nemesis, with randomly rolled abilities and randomly rolled weapon variants. Can. Not. Wait. This is probably the part of the update we are most excited for.
  • Melee Phase 2: The next part of the Melee update is coming! And boy is there a lot to take in. Heavy attacks, juggling, new combos, weapon rebalancing – this is a big one, so if you want all of the info, check out the Dev forum post.
  • More reworks! The Ember and Vauban reworks will be included, so this should revitalise these underutilised frames.
  •  Titania Deluxe, plus a gunblade weapon skin, and an associated armor set!
  •  Additional items for Grendel – an alt helmet, plus his signature weapon and Syandana – all also available in a bundle from the Market!
  • New Kavat! The Vasca Kavat is the Vampire variant of these cute little kitties… Find and capture them on the Plains at night, but risk taking your Kavat along and it may just become infected…
  • Pexilus Slot: This is the new exilus-like slot for primary and secondar weapons! Utility mods only…
  • … and more! Including the ability to increase the number of upgrade and appearnace configs in your Arsenal, and an overhaul to the Arsenal itself!
ember vauban rework

More detail?

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