Mini 39 – Rhino

warframe podcast rhino

It’s a short and sweet episode this week – there’s really not a lot that can be said about Rhino that hasn’t been said before! Not only that, but he’s a pretty straightforward and simplistic frame – which is one of the reasons he may be more overlooked these days.

However, Rhino has a very solid ability to tank, plus he provides a team Damage buff as well as some hard Crowd Control – what’s not to like?

Rhino Abilities:

  • Passive – Heavy Landing
  • 1 – Rhino Charge
  • 2 – Iron Skin 
  • 3 – Roar
  • 4 – Rhino
  • Ironclad charge
  • Iron Shrapnel
  • Piercing Roar
  • Reinforcing Stomp

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