Episode 67 – More on The Old Blood

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We were hoping that Update 26 would hit PC last week, but sadly, it was not to be. However, DE did the next best thing and showed it off to us in a good amount of detail, while also answering questions from the fanbase. In this week’s episode, we discuss what was shown off and whether or not we think these are worthwhile changes and additions!


  • News: Nightwave: Intermission, no Update 26, Tactical Alert “Hallowed Flame” begins
  • Discussion: deeper detail on what’s to come with Update 26
  • Beginner topic: Preparing for Eidolon hunts as a newer player
  • Advanced topic: Aero Set mods

Episode Notes:

Nightwave: Intermission returned this week!

Update 26 is not coming this week, but it will drop soon!

Prime Time covered Update 26 in a fair amount of details – it’s worth watching

The Hallowed Flame Tactical Alert is now live – go get your Bat Ephemera (Naberus, whatever)

Details for what was shown off on Prime Time have been shared to the forums – we’ll be going over this shortly!

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