Episode 66 – Devstream 132 & Melee Phase 2

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There wasn’t much news this past week… but there was a Devstream.

And DAMN. What a Devstream it was!

In fact, the Devstream itself and the notes for Melee Phase 2 that came along with it make this a massive episode of damned exciting news. In fact, there’s an update due out next week on PC, and it’s MASSIVE.

So don’t miss this one. I know, I know… that’s exactly what a podcaster would say in regards to their podcast… but I mean it this time! Exciting times ahead!

Note: we skipped beginner and advanced topics this week because there’s plenty to talk about!


  • News: uhhh… Update 26 is coming
  • Discussion: Devstream 132
  • Discussion: Melee Phase 2

Episode Notes:

Devstream 132!

The Old Blood – Update 26 is coming soon to PC

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