Episode 65 – Ideas for new game modes

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It was a kind of quiet week this week in terms of Warframe news, so we decided to have a chat about what can be done to either improve existing game modes, or even some potential new game modes that can be added to liven things up. We’ve also got details on our new competitions, so definitely check it out to find out more info!


  • News: New Corpus ship tileset, Inktober, Nightwave Series 2 ends, new merch
  • Discussion: Ideas for improving/new game modes
  • Beginner topic: Dispelling common new player misconceptions
  • Advanced topic: Focus Farming

Episode Notes:

Steve showed off some of the Corpus ship tileset rework – unsurprisingly looks a lot like the Gas City rework.

He also showed off some footage of the forthcoming Sentient Tileset! WOOOOW!


Inktober has begun! Keep in eye on the official PlayWarframe Instagram account to see fan submissions, or submit your own with the hashtag #warframeinktober!

Nightwave ends VERY soon! In fact, it has already ended by the time you see this!

New “Villains Collection” merch available from the Official Warframe store. T-shirt, socks and pin – I especially like the T-shirt!

Thanks for listening – please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page if you have any feedback!

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