Episode 64 – Devstream 131

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After about 6 long weeks of waiting, DE has at last been able to sit down to present another Devstream. In Devstream 131, the team mainly took us through what is expected in the next mainline update, which is due later this month. They did touch a little on larger subjects as well if you are after any more info on Empyrean or The New War! But not much…

Still, it was a worthy Devstream, and the next update looks to be pretty good overall, especially as it will come along with a Halloween event! Have a listen to find out the greater details.


  • News: DE addressed the Mod Drop Chance Booster disappointment, Atlas Prime is out, Day of the Dead is back, and Gauss added to TennoGen Workshop
  • Discussion: Devstream 131
  • Beginner Topic: Warframe… for parents (or people with limited time)
  • Advanced Topic: Blood Rush vs Weeping Wounds

Episode Notes:

Awesome documentary from Gamespot now on YouTube – a look at behind the scenes at TennoCon

DE directly addressed the concern around Mod Drop Chance boosters… but is it enough?

Atlas Prime, out now on all Platforms!

Day of the Dead gear once again available – all platforms! This year, there are a bunch of cute new glyphs.

Gauss has been added to the TennoGen Workshop – expect some fan-made skins in the near(ish) future!

Devstream 131 has come and gone… I recommend you check it out… or listen on for all the details!

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